It came at a time when I needed her the most.

For the first time in forever, I was the one being chased.

Like I was something of value, something worth her time.

She sprung up through a crack in this concrete heart of mine.

A delicate little flower struggling to grow strong.

By now she’s figured out I have demons and plagues floating around me.

But as she grows, she brings angels and cures.

Now I was never one to believe in fate but things just don’t happen without a reason.

When my head is spinning madly, she pushes her love in the other direction, slowing the tornado down, bringing me back to the earth.

When I’m drowning, she dives right in after me and carries me to the shore.

And as our bodies lie in the sand, she whispers ever so lovingly that it was worth it, that I’m worth the chance of drowning.

She is persistent in growing through this concrete that I poured and let harden years earlier.

She never breaks, she never bends.

Forward and upward is the only way she grows.

She faces the sun and kisses the rain.

And eternally reminds me that I should do the same.

She sings me the songs of the birds and dances to her own tune.

She paints her dreams and talks in her sleep.

And my dreams came true the day I met her.

From the moment our eyes met she had me wrapped around her beautiful petals.

But I promise to never hold too tight.

I will forever keep this graceful flower shining in her natural light.

Perfect the way she was, is and always will be.

Because darling, I was made for you and you were made for me.

So for the first time ever I decided to write a love poem. I had never done and was almost scared it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted. But after all it’s said and done I’m glad I did it.

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